As I mentioned I started my spiritual journey in late 2014. I was going through a nasty divorce and custody battle. I was in such a dark place in my life. I was depressed,crying, couldn’t pick myself up out of bed until a friend of mine said to me “LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING!!!!!”. Aha!!!!. That was my wake up call/ aha moment (I love “aha moments”) for me to start questioning life, which led me to start my spiritual journey. Now this friend of mines did not know how badly depressed I was. I’m a true believer that god puts people in our lives for a reason.  We are not friends anymore, I realize that this friend was just a messenger to get me on my path which  I am truly grateful!!!. Continue reading “BOOKS I RECOMMEND”


Question: What do you do on a Saturday morning when the pediatrician office is close and your six year old says to you “mommy, both my ears hurt?” (keep in mind Monday is Labor Day so the pediatrician’s office is not gonna open until Tuesday morning.) Of course I’m not gonna wait until Tuesday for him to see a doctor, HELL NO!!!!!. So off to the emergency room @ Chris Evert children’s hospital in Fort Lauderdale,FL. Continue reading “A TRIP TO CHRIS EVERT CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL”


So I’m gonna start posting recipes of the foods that I cook with the kids.  My kids love to help out in the kitchen when I cook.  This is our bonding time as a family after a long day at work being away from them. I will be posting lil simple kid-friendly recipes that will be easy to make. Our family food is always good because when I cook I cook with love which makes the food so tasty 🙂


XOXO Shavonne