Question: What do you do on a Saturday morning when the pediatrician office is close and your six year old says to you “mommy, both my ears hurt?” (keep in mind Monday is Labor Day so the pediatrician’s office is not gonna open until Tuesday morning.) Of course I’m not gonna wait until Tuesday for him to see a doctor, HELL NO!!!!!. So off to the emergency room @ Chris Evert children’s hospital in Fort Lauderdale,FL.

Oh my god, the emergency room is sooooo…. packed. We’ve made a few trips before to this emergency room and we were always in and out, but not today we’re gonna be here for a while, Luckily there’s a section for the kids to play.


Yayyyyy!!!! Awesome. This will keep them busy!!!!!.




First, I filled out the yellow form to sign him in, then wait for the receptionist to call his name to get an arm band.

Arm band is on


Next, the nurse called him to weigh him,take his blood pressure and asked him to look at the chart and tell her how bad is the pain?


He said the pain is a 6, so she gave him some liquid medicine to ease the pain.Then we had to go back to the waiting room to wait for an available room. The nurse  gave the kids crayons and paper to color. Thank you jesus!!!!

Ok 2 hours in and were still in the waiting room waiting, we’re getting a little hungry,I informed the nurse we’ll be right back that we’re headed to the hospital cafeteria for food

So many food choices. Of course the kids picked Mcdonalds to get a toy


We got our food and headed back to the emergency room to eat. There’s a little table in the children’s emergency room that the kids sat at to eat.

Three hours in and finally they called his name. The nurse told us to go into room 11.

In no time the doctor was in. Sasha my little 3-year-old was Micah’s cheerleader as the doctor examined Micah, Sasha said “Come on Micah,open up your mouth, good boy, you can do it Micah” ha! ha! ha! I thought that was so funny. Doctor said he does have and ear infection his tonsils looked a little swollen so to be on the safe said she swapped his month and sent the swap to the lap to test for strep throat so we had to wait another hour and a half on the lab results

But in the main time  to keep the kids occupied the nurses bought the kids stickers, pop sickle, and we played tic tac toe


Why do i have so much stickers on me? Thanks to Sasha


The good news is Micah does not have strep throat. For the ear infection, the doctor prescribed liquid antibiotics to be taken twice a day for seven days and to follow up with his pediatrician.

Overall it was a long wait but Chris Evert Children’s Hospital is a very good hospital.The staff including the nurses are helpful and very attentive to the kids.


  1. Children’s hospitals are great and they definitely know how to make a child feel comfortable and safe while waiting. I think it’s really nice that you had a good time despite having to go to the hospital.

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